Income Transfer Manager

In the Account Module, click Payment, Income Transfer.

Use the Income Transfer Manager to transfer income between clinics, patients, procedures, and providers.

If any payments not allocated to an unearned type or a production source exist, it is automatically transferred to Unearned Income upon opening the Income Transfer Manager. To transfer the unearned income to outstanding charges, under Income Sources, highlight the positive and negative charges, then click Transfer. This will create offsetting negative and positive splits to transfer the income. The negative subtracts the amount. The positive adds the amount. Click OK to complete both the automatic transfer (if needed) and your transfer.

If there are income sources that are not listed, Manually Transfer the income.

  • Creating income transfers requires the PaymentCreate Permission.
  • Some transfers might not be allowed through the income transfer manager when the Account Module Preference, Enforce Valid Paysplits, Enforce Fully is enabled.
  • A separate audit trail entry is logged for the automatic transfer, if the transfer is needed.

Current Payment Splits: List of positive and negative payment splits (paysplits) transferred from/to providers, clinics, patients, procedures, adjustments, pay plan charges, etc.

Income Sources: List of adjustments, clinics, completed procedures, payment plan charges, unearned income, and providers in the family with a positive or negative ending balance.

Each row is a summary of charges and credits for the same provider/patient/clinic combination. Click the right-arrow next to the provider abbreviation to view the summary breakdown.

Transfer: Transfers selected income sources to selected providers/clinics/patients/procedures.

Positive and negative paysplits are created for each transfer of income. The negative split subtracts the amount from the original source. The positive split adds the amount to the new source.

Ok: Post the income transfer as a line item to the patient account along with the automatic transfer of any unallocated splits. Income allocated to providers/clinics/procedures for multiple family members will post to each patient account. Production and income reports will have a blank line item representing the transfer of income for the provider/clinic combination with the amount of the transfer and on the date of the transfer.

Cancel: Cancels any changes made in the window. Also deletes the automatic transfer of any unallocated splits.

Transfer Logic

The income transfer manager automatically moves all payments not allocated to an unearned type or production (e.g. adjustments, payplan charges, procedures) to unearned income. Negative unallocated payments are moved to negative unearned income and positive unallocated payments to positive unearned income. This is done behind the scenes upon loading the window and immediately updates the Income Sources grid to reflect what is left to transfer. The automatic transfer cannot be viewed until it has posted to the family's account after clicking OK on the transfer window. Once posted, it may be edited or deleted. The default unearned type is assigned to the positive transfer split. If the Account Module Preferences, Allow prepayments to providers is enabled, the clinic, patient, and provider allocation of the original paysplit will remain.

When any of the remaining sources are selected for transfer, it will then attempt to apply the unearned income and negative adjustments to procedures, positive adjustments, and payment plan charges. The income sources are applied to the oldest charges with at least one matching provider/patient/clinic combination in the order below.

  1. Provider, Patient, and Clinic
  2. Provider and Patient
  3. Provider and Clinic
  4. Patient and Clinic
  5. Provider
  6. Patient
  7. Clinic

For example, if there exists a payment within a family that is not allocated to any production source, it is moved to unearned income. If the unearned amount does not have the exact same provider, patient, and clinic allocation as an existing procedure, payplan charge, or adjustment, the income transfer manager will not allocate the unearned income. It will move on to find the next best matching production source based on the provider and patient, then provider and clinic, and so on until at least the clinic matches. If no provider/patient/clinic combination match is found the payment stays as unearned income.

Additionally, if a payment is over allocated to a procedure or positive adjustment, the overpaid amount will be re-allocated based on the same logic. Excess income will also be moved to unearned income to be allocated later. See Allocate Unearned Income.