Edit Claim - Attachments Tab

Use the attachments tab to document which attachments will be sent with the claim and how they will be sent.

In the Claim Edit window, click the Attachments tab.

NEA/Manual Tab

The NEA/Manual Tab is used to document attachments sent to NEA Fast attach or other third party services. The information documented here is informational only.

This box will be grayed out if Allow Attachments is selected in your clearinghouse setup.

Radiographs, Oral Images and Models: Enter how many pages will be sent for each. This information shows on paper claims and e-claims.

EOB, Narrative, Perio chart, Misc Support Data: Check the items that will be sent with the claim. This information shows on e-claims.

By Mail/Electronically: Select how the attachments will be sent.

Attachment ID Number: If you have an attachment ID that must be included before sending the claim, copy it, then paste it here. The ID will be prepended to the notes field and will also go out on the e-claim in a special field for attachments. If using NEA FastAttach with ClaimConnect, the NEA# will be inserted into the claim after the claim has been sent. See Electronic Attachments.

Attached Images: Select the images that will be sent as attachments, then export them to a temporary folder.

As you add images, they will list in the box.

Note: The attachments themselves are NOT sent by Open Dental. You must send them separately using a third party service. See Electronic Attachments.

DXC tab

See DentalXChange Attachment