Dashboard Setup

Patient Dashboards can be created and edited as needed.

In the Main Menu, click Tools, Patient Dashboards, Dashboard Setup.

Alternatively, if a database has more than 28 dashboards, in the Main Menu, click Tools, Patient Dashboards, Setup.

Also see Patient Dashboard.

See our video: QuickTip: Patient Dashboard.

User Group: To access the dashboard, a user must be assigned to a user group that has a dashboard marked as Allowed. The SecurityAdmin permission is required to allow user group access.

Set All: Click to mark all custom dashboards as allowed for the selected user group.

Add: Click to add a new blank dashboard layout.

Internal: Lists the original sheet template that comes with Open Dental. This sheet cannot be edited, but can be copied.

Custom: Lists customized templates that have been created by your office.

Allowed: Select each dashboard that you wish the selected user group to have access to. Allowed dashboards will be marked with an X.

Copy: Click to copy the internal sheet to be customized.

Tools: Click to open the Sheet Tools Import / Export. Useful for sharing saved layouts with other Open Dental databases.

Duplicate: Select an existing custom dashboard layout and click to to create a copy of the dashboard.

Editing a Dashboard

Double-click a dashboard in the Custom column to edit it.

Dashboards are edited in the same style as sheets. For more information on editing sheets, see Edit Sheet Def and Sheet Field Types.