Sheets are templates that can be customized for patient forms, letters, and more.

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Sheets.

Sheets can include text, images, information from the database, input fields, checkboxes and radio buttons, signature boxes, and freehand drawing. Open Dental has several internal sheets that can be used for patients, or copied and edited as needed.

Note: Open Dental Support only provides minimal assistance for Sheets. See below for our Sheet Design Service.

See our Sheets Playlist.

Sheet Type Filter: Select to filter the sheets list by type.



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Sheet Design Service

If you have existing forms you would like to convert to sheets, but don't have the time or expertise to set them up, we can help! Please submit a Custom Sheet Request to get started. See Fees for Support and Services for our rates.

Anyone can submit a Custom Sheet Request for a quote. However, an office must be on support or have a final conversion scheduled before work can begin on an approved Custom Sheet Request job.

When you submit your request, we will ask you to send us samples of the forms you are already using so we can design to match as closely as possible. If you can supply a native program file (e.g., a Word document or PDF, not a scanned image), it may reduce the design cost.