eClipboard Troubleshooting

Below are common questions about eClipboard, as well as some troubleshooting steps.

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Getting Validation Error on tablet.

Each tablet needs to be validated in Open Dental before it can be used for eClipboard.

Go to eServices, eClipboard. Under Mobile App Devices you should see the tablet listed. If there is no X in the Enabled column for that tablet, it won't connect. Click anywhere in the box under Enabled for that tablet. You should see an X in the Enabled field for all devices that have been enabled.

eClipboard shows message "No appointment for patient found," even though patient has an appointment.

Confirm that patient's Date of Birth is entered correctly in Open Dental. A blank or wrong date of birth can cause this issue.

A device listed as compatible with eClipboard will not install the eClipboard app from App Store.

When possible, update tablet's operating system (OS). Some compatible devices might be running an older OS not compatible with eClipboard.

"Unknown error occured" after checking in patient. App might crash/close.

On your server, find the eConnector in Services. Right-click and selected Properties, then click the Log On tab. Update the username and password to match the images server's username and password. If the server is a domain controller you may need to involve IT to set the username/password correctly.

Alternatively, uninstall and reinstall the eClipboard App from the device and remove the device from the eClipboard setup window. If using clinics, make sure device is logging in to the correct clinic (you can verify by navigating to eServices, Signup, Mobile Settings).

Radio buttons are not displaying correctly when viewed on an iPad. The text area is blank.

In the Signup tab, click Mobile Settings button. You should be prompted to generate your login credentials for eClipboard, or choose to have a reminder sent to your recovery email address/mobile number.

When trying to log out of eClipboard, app might crash.

Delete the app from the device and reinstall it.

eClipboard app works intermittently, certain forms not being received in Open Dental.

Confirm internet connection to tablet. Some offices have reported issues using eClipboard in radiograph labs. The same radiation shielding that blocks X-rays will interfere with Wifi connections.

"Cannot find appointment" when entering correct date/patient name in eClipboard

Verify the date and time is correct to their time zone on the server, and the mobile device (iPad/Tablet). If the time is different in either case, eClipboard may not be able to recognize that the appointment is scheduled for today.

Amazon / Fire Tablets

In general, Fire tablets, which run Fire OS, are not compatible with eClipboard.

We understand some offices may have already purchased these devices for eClipboard. It is possible to sideload the Google Play Store onto these devices as a workaround.

You must have an Amazon and Google account to begin.

  1. On the device, turn on Apps from Unknown Sources.

  2. Review and accept Amazon's warning about security.

  3. Use the links below to download the necessary APKs.

  4. Begin installing the APKs. Install them in the same order that you downloaded them. The order should be:

  5. You should now have the Google Play Store on your Fire device. Open it and log in with your Google account.

  6. Update the Google Play Services.

You will now have Google Play available on the device. Install eClipboard as normal.