Email Templates

In Email Message Edit, on the left, is the Email Template area.

Templates can be used for frequently sent email messages that have similar content. Select a template and click Insert. The template's subject and message will replace any existing text.

Templates are listed alphabetically. To delete a template, select in the list and click Delete.

Add or Edit Email Templates

Click Add to create a new template, or click Edit to edit an existing template.

Description: Enter the template name. It can differ from the email subject.

Subject: Enter the subject of the email.

Body: Enter the body message.

Attach: Click to attach images or files to the template. Select the file, then click Open. Attachments will list in the box.
Double-click an attachment to preview it.
Right-click an attachment to open, rename, or remove it.

Edit Text: Used to edit text in body after HTML template has been applied to email.

Edit HTML: Add HTML formatting to email template. See HTML Email for details on use, including the option to edit Raw HTML to further customize templates.

Subject Fields / Body Fields: Insert replacement fields into the Subject or Body. Message replacement fields pull information from the database to insert into the message (e.g. insert [ApptDate] to automatically insert appointment date).

You may also manually type the replacement (e.g. [LName]), but make sure it exactly matches the field name. They are case-sensitive.

Position the cursor to where you want to insert a field, then double-click an item from the list. Fields in red text cannot be inserted.

Click OK to save the template.