Fees Increase

In Fee Tools, at the right, is the Increase by % area.

Use this tool to incrementally increase or decrease fees in a fee schedule by a percentage. We recommend first creating a backup copy of the original fee schedule, then updating the original fee schedule with the new fees.

Step 1: Make a backup copy of the fee schedule. See Fees Copy. This is a preventive measure.

Step 2: Increase or decrease the fees in the original fee schedule.

Under Choose Settings, select the fee schedule to increase/decrease by clicking the dropdown arrows or [...]. Clinic and Provider options are only enabled if the selected fee schedule allows clinic and provider-specific fees (Use Global Fees is unchecked).

Only fees that exactly match the criteria will copy:

In the Increase by % field, enter the percentage of the increase (e.g. 5). To decrease fee amounts, enter a negative value.

Select the rounding method. We recommend rounding to the nearest $1.

Click Increase. A message will show warning that all fees that meet the Choose Settings criteria will be overwritten.

Click OK to apply the fee change.

If the change worked as desired, hide any old fee schedules (with the old fees).

Note: If you choose to add new fee schedules (instead of making a backup and increasing fees in the original), you may also need to update fee schedule selections for insurance plans and providers.

To apply updated fees to treatment planned procedures, see Fees Update.