Discount Plan

The discount plan feature is useful for practices that offer in-house discount plans (e.g. for patients that do not have insurance). This feature uses discount adjustments to reduce the full procedure fee. The adjustment amount is calculated by subtracting the discount plan's procedure fee from the provider's UCR fee.

Below is a quick overview of how to start using discount plans.

  1. Create the discount plan. Discount Plans
  2. Attach the discount plan to the patient in the Family Module (instead of insurance). Discount Plan
  3. Enter treatment planned procedures.
  4. In the Treatment Plan Module, fee estimates will consider discount plan fees.
  5. When a procedure is set complete, an adjustment attached to the procedure will be automatically added to the patient's account.

    Adjustment = Provider's fee - Discount Plan fee

Run the Discount Plans Report to view a list of all or a specific discount plan, the associated fee schedule, adjustment type, and patients using the plan.

Other Resources:

  • Patients can have a discount plan or an insurance plan, not both.
  • The Insurance Plan Edit security permission is required to add or change discount plans.