ODTouch: Home Screen

To begin using ODTouch, see eServices Setup.

In ODTouch, the Home Screen opens upon login.

Note: ODTouch is currently in beta. Contact Open Dental Support for signup and details.

Use the Home Page to navigate the ODTouch application. The logged-in username displays in the upper left. The selected patient's name displays in the upper right.

To begin using ODTouch, first signup for the eService and set up the app. See ODTouch Setup for instructions.

Daily Appointments

Daily appointment information displays on the left-hand side.

Select Patient: Tap to open the Patient Screen to search for a specific patient.

Recent Patients: Tap to switch the current patient to a recently selected patient.

Today's Appointments: Tap the Provider to select from the list of providers. Appointments assigned to the provider list below. Tap an appointment to select the patient, begin eRouting, or edit the appointment. Pull down on the appointments list to refresh it.

Patient Information

The center column of the Home Screen displays information and options specific to the selected patient.

Patient Card: The Patient Card displays information for the selected patient, including name, birthdate, gender, contact information, the patient picture, and more. Tap the patient picture to enlarge it.

Tx Plans: Tap to open the ODTouch: Treatment Plan Home Screen.

Perio: Tap to open the Perio Exams Home Screen.

Pay Plans: Tap to open the Payment Plans Home Screen.

Images: Tap to open the Images Home Screen.

Exam Sheets: Tap to open the Exam Sheets Home Screen.

eRouting: Tap to begin eRouting.

Medical: Tap to open the Medical Home Screen.

eRx: Tap to open eRx through DoseSpot.

Chart: Tap to open the Chart Home Screen.

Provider Goals

Tap the graph to open Provider Production Goals. This area only displays when logged in as a provider.

Office Options

The following options apply to the office and are not specific to a patient.

Appts: Tap to open the Appointments Home Screen.

Reports: Tap to open the Reports Home Screen.

Settings: Tap to open ODTouch Settings.

Change User: Tap to change the logged-in user.

Logout: Tap to log out of the application entirely.

Patient Menu

Tap the patient name in the upper right to open the Patient Menu. This menu is always accessible from every page in ODTouch. Use it to navigate the app without returning to the Home Screen.

The connection icon signifies the connectivity status. Typically, devices should connect to the database using the eServices Listener, as determined via the eConnector. There are four possible connection status'.