Auto Ortho

Auto Ortho information for a patient includes the insurance plan's orthodontic claim defaults and the patient's orthodontic treatment information (total months, total used, time remaining).

In the Account Module, when Show Auto Ortho in account module is enabled, an Auto Ortho tab shows next to Patient Account.

Two preferences in Ortho Setup determine if and where Auto Ortho information is displayed:

Auto Ortho Tab

Primary/Secondary/Other Ins: Shows the insurance plan's orthodontic claim information as entered on the Insurance Plan, Ortho tab. Double-click anywhere in the area to open the Ortho Patient Setup window.

ClaimType: How the carrier wants to receive orthodontic claims (Ortho Claim Type). Change this from Edit Insurance Plan, Ortho tab.

Pat Ortho Info: Displays the patient's orthodontic information once the initial orthodontic procedure is complete.

Ortho Chart

When Show Auto Ortho in ortho chart is enabled in Ortho Setup, an Ortho Info grid is shown in the Ortho Chart. It displays the same Pat Ortho Info that shows in the preceding Auto Ortho tab.