Ortho Case

Ortho Cases help determine an ortho schedule and estimated payment information.

In the Account Module, select the Ortho Cases tab.

The Ortho Cases tab is only available if procedures are added to Ortho Case Procedures in Ortho Setup.

Add Ortho Case: Click to create a new Ortho Case. This button is disabled if the patient already has an active Ortho Case. Patients can have one active Ortho Case at a time.

Make Active: Click to activate the currently selected Ortho Case. If a different Ortho Case was previously active, it is deactivated.

Hide Inactive Ortho Cases: Check to hide any inactive Ortho Cases.

Ortho Cases Grid:

When adding a new Ortho Case, the following window appears. Alternatively, double-click a case to view the details.

When adding a new Ortho Case, all information must be filled out.

Banding Procedure: Click [...] to select the banding procedure. The following window opens. Only treatment planned procedures list. Banding procedures are determined by codes added to Ortho Setup. Only one banding procedure can be associated with an Ortho Case.

Is Transfer: Check this box when the patient has been transferred to the office from another provider, and your office did not provide the banding procedure.

Payment Plan: Click to create a Payment Plan for any completed procedures linked to the active Ortho Case. The completed procedures are automatically attached to the plan's production, if not already attached to a plan. If a Payment Plan already exists for the Ortho Case, the button opens that plan instead of creating a new one.

Fee Details: Enter the fee information for this patient.

Procedure Breakdown: The amount towards each procedure. Enter as a percentage or amount. Percentages must equal 100.

Visit Details: Enter one field to automatically calculate the others.

Dates: Enter the banding date and expected debonding date.

Ortho Schedule: Automatically created. Shows each procedure and visit.

When all information is entered, and no items are showing in red, click OK to save the Ortho Case.

If any items are showing in red, they must be fixed before the user can continue.

Delete: Click to delete the entire Ortho Case. Only active Ortho Cases can be deleted.

Close Case: Click to close the Ortho Case when treatment is completed, or the patient has transferred to a different provider. Only active Ortho Cases can be closed.

Detach Selected: Highlight procedures to detach from the Ortho Schedule as needed. When a procedure is selected, all procedures below are also selected.