Output Text Field Names

See Sheet Output Text Field.

Output Text fields are Sheet Field Types that pull information from the database when filling out forms. This list is in progress and not all fields have a description yet. The available output text fields vary by sheet type.

Output Text Field Name Description
accountNumber The patients account number (patnum). Displays on statements as "Account Number 1234".
appt.DateTime Date and time of the appointment.
appt.estPatientPortion Estimated patient portion for attached procedures. (patient portion = gross production - estimated insurance write-offs + adjustments - insurance estimates)
appt.length Length of the patient's appointment in minutes.
appt.Note Note attached to the appointment.
appt.procedures Procedures attached to the patient's appointment.
appt.providers Providers attached the appointment.
appt.timeDate Time and date on the appointment.
APR Annual percentage rate on the payment plan.
balanceLabel Displays the label =Balance: on statements.
balanceValue Displays the total value of the patient or family balance on statements.
billingAddress The guarantor name and address. If Single patient only is selected when generating a Statement, the patient name is used instead of guarantor.
birthdate Date of birth for the selected patient.
CarrierName Insurance carrier name.
CashSumTotal Total of cash payments on a deposit slip. Payments must have a payment type of Cash associated for cashSumTotal to calculate.
ccNumberMaskedWithExp Available in Payment Plans. Shows the patient credit card on file as a masked number, with the associated expiration date.
(e.g., XXXXXXXXXXXX5555 Exp 12/23)
ChartNumber Manually assigned from the Edit Patient Information window.
clinic.address The address entered for the currently selected clinic.
clinic.cityStateZip The city, state, and zip code entered for the currently selected clinic.
clinic.phone The phone number entered for the currently selected clinic.
DateOfAgreement Date of payment plan agreement.
dateTime.Today Todays date (mm/dd/yyyy)
dateTSigned Records date of electronic signature on a Treatment Plan.
dateTPracticeSigned Records date of electronic signature from secondary signature box on a Treatment Plan.
DaysOfSupply Fills in with days from the Edit Rx window. Requires Procedure code required on some prescriptions preference. See Rx / Prescription, Procedure Required on Prescription for setup.
deposit.BankAccountInfo Inserts information from the Bank Account Info box in the deposit.
deposit.DateDeposit Date of deposit. (mm/dd/yyyy)
depositItem 01 through 18. Each item is a payment attached to the deposit slip.
depositItemCount Number of deposit items.
depositList Lists all deposit items. Date, patient name, check number, branch, and amount.
depositTotal Total of payments attached to deposit.
Drug Drug being prescribed in an Rx.
futureAppointments Displays date, time, and procedures attached to any future schedule appointment.
guarantor Guarantor last name followed by first name.
invoicePaymentLabel Labeled Payments in the sheet, this is the sum of all the payments in the Patient Account grid, whether or not the payments are attached to a procedure.
invoicePaymentValue This is the sum of all the payments in the Patient Account grid, whether or not the payments are attached to a procedure. If the preference, Invoice payments grid shows write-offs is checked, the procedure write-off will be included in this value.
invoicePayPlanLabel Labeled Pay Plan Charges in the sheet.
invoicePayPlanValue Displays the payment plan debit amount.
invoiceTotalLabel Labeled Balance Remaining in the sheet, this is the sum of the charges minus the sum of the payments.
invoiceTotalValue Displays the balance remaining amount.
labcase.LabCaseNum Unique identifier for a lab case.
nameFL Patient first and last name.
nameLF Patient last name, preferred name, and first name.
Note The note entered on a Payment Plan.
pat.Birthdate Patient's birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy).
patient.address Patient address
patient.cityStateZip Patient's city, state, and zip code
patient.NameFL Patient first and last name
patient.priProvNameFL First and last name of the patient's primary provider
patient.provider Usually patient's primary provider. For Referral Slips this is the Referring Provider.
patient.salutation Enters the words "Dear Patient". Patient will be replaced with the patient's preferred name. If no preferred name is entered, the first name will be used.
PracticeAddress Physical address of the practice.
practiceCityStateZip City, state, and zip code of the practice.
PracticeTitle Title of the practice.
Principal Principal balance on payment plan.
ProcCode The procedure code associated to the prescription. See Rx / Prescription, Procedure Required on Prescription for setup.
prov.dEANum Providers DEA number.
providerLegendAUS This output field only works for users in Australia, with language settings set to English-Australia. Adds a legend to the statement that shows all non-hidden providers.
  • Swiss bank routing fields do not show on the new custom statements.
  • Australian Provider legend must be added from the available output fields.
referral.address The referrers street address.
referral.cityStateZip The referrers city, state, and zip code.
referral.nameFL The referrers first and last name.
referral.nameL The referrers last name.
referral.phone The referrers phone number.
referral.salutation The salutation (Dear) followed by the referrals first name. e.g., Dear John
Refills Number of refills allowed on an Rx.
returnAddress Inserts the address of the guarantor's assigned clinic.
RxDate Date Rx was created.
SignatureText OutputText where patient may type their name.
SignaturePracticeText OutputText where presenter may type their name.
statement.DateSent Date statement was created.
statement.Note Notes added to a statement. Drawn from Dunning Messages.
statement.NoteBold Bold notes added to a statement.
statementNum Available for Statements. Adds a statement number.
statementIsCopy If printing a copy of an invoice the word COPY will be printed on the sheet.
statementIsTaxReceipt Only shows when printing receipts. The field will show KEEP THIS RECEIPT FOR INCOME TAX PURPOSES.
statementReceiptInvoice This field determines the title of the document based on how it is generated.
  • Statements will read STATEMENT #.
  • Receipts will read RECEIPT.
  • Invoices will read INVOICE.
  • For Australia and New Zealand, it will read TAX INVOICE.
  • For Singapore it will read RECEIPT #.
statementURL Include a URL patients can use to launch the Patient Portal sign-in window (e.g., http://www.patientviewer.com/statement/CyVue8). Patients must have Patient Portal credentials. After logging in, a PDF copy of the statement is displayed. If Online Payments are enabled, patients can access the Payment Portal to make payments.
statementShortURL Include a short URL patients can use to launch the Patient Portal sign-in window (e.g., http://od.ag/s/CyVue8). Patients must have Patient Portal credentials. After logging in, a PDF copy of the statement is displayed. If Online Payments are enabled, patients can access the Payment Portal to make payments.
TermsAndConditions The default Payment Plan Terms and Conditions set in Preferences.
today.DayDate Today's day of the week (i.e., Monday)
totalCostOfLoan Total cost of loan on a payment plan.
totalFinanceCharge Total finance charges on a payment plan.
tpPatPortionEst Estimated patient portion for a treatment plan