PayConnect Add Card

In Credit Card Manage, click PayConnect.

Add credit and debit cards on a patient's account without processing a payment through PayConnect. A temporary $1.00 authorization hold may show on the patient's card statement, however it will drop off eventually. Credit/debit entries are automatically stored when processing a payment and Save Token is checked.

To add a credit or debit card to a patient's account:

  1. Select the patient. In the Account module Main tab, click Credit Card Manage.
  2. Click Add. Select PayConnect from the list of available credit card processing programs (list only prompts when more than one program is enabled).
  3. Enter the credit or debit card information in the PayConnect Window and click OK.

A token is now created for the card, masking the first 12 digits of the card number. The card will now list in the Credit Card Manage window and will be an available payment option in the Payment window.