ERAs Automatically Processed Report

View the status of ERAs that have been automatically or semi-automatically processed.

In Standard Reports, click ERAs Automatically Processed.

Alternatively, from the ERA window, click Auto Processed Report.

  • To control user access to this report, see Report Setup: Security Permissions.
  • Similarly, the InsPayCreate permission is required.


Click Refresh to update results.

Acknowledge ERA(s): Highlight ERAs and click to Acknowledge them.

ERAs Grid

The ERAs grid displays the status of ERAs.

Patient Name: Lists the patient on the ERA. If more than one patient is associated with an ERA, the number of claims on the ERA shows in the Patient Name column instead of a name.

Carrier Name: Lists the carrier on the ERA.

Status: Current status of the ERA.

Date: Date ERA was received.

Claims Grid

The Claims grid displays claims associated with the selected ERA.

Column Descriptions:

Claim Procedure Adjustments

The Claim Procedure Adjustments grid displays items associated with the selected claim on an ERA.

Column Descriptions: