Procedures Not Billed to Insurance Report

The Procedures Not Billed to Insurance report generates a list of procedures with an outstanding insurance estimate that haven't been attached to a claim.

In Standard Reports, in the Monthly section, click Procedures Not Billed to Ins.

All procedures on this list should either be billed to insurance or marked Do Not Bill to Ins in the Procedure Info window. Procedures only appear if the procedure has a fee and the patient has an active insurance plan. You can also create batch claims for unbilled procedures from here (see Procedures Not Billed to Insurance - New Claims).


Select the report criteria, then click Refresh to update the list. Right-click a patient to go to their account (the report can remain open while working in other windows).

Note: Use the Automatically Group Procedures checkbox when creating claims from this window. If checked, and procedures for a patient have different clinics or place of service, claims for each clinic/place of service will be created. If unchecked, you will be blocked from creating claims when patient procedures have different clinic/place of service.

New Claims: Click to create a new claim for the highlighted procedures. User must have Procedures Not Billed to Insurance, New Claims button permission. The report will automatically refresh after each claim is created.

Click Print to print the report. For a description of toolbar buttons, see Complex Report System.

Columns show patient name, procedure status, procedure date, procedure description, and the procedure fee.

Click Close to close the report window.


If you receive the message "No claims can be created because all procedure dates extend past the lock date for this report", it is because of the lock date/days set in the Security Permission Procedures Not Billed to Insurance, New Claims Button is preventing the claims from being made after a certain time frame. This value can be adjusted or removed through Group Permissions