Provider Payroll Production and Income Report

In Standard Reports, click Provider Payroll Summary or Provider Payroll Detail.

The Provider Payroll report is a Production and Income Report that can be used to determine a provider's net production and income. Some offices use this report to determine how much to pay their providers when the providers earn a certain percentage of net income. The calculations for determining production and income in this report were custom created for a specific use and may not apply to your office.

There are two Report Types, Summary and Patient Detail. The second column will show Day for Summary reports and Patient for Patient Detail reports.

If you want to use this report:

Note: To control user access to this report, see Report Setup: Security Permissions.

The Provider Payroll report can list total production per day (Summary) or per patient (Patient Detail). The report types are hidden by default. To show these reports, see Report Setup: Display Settings.

Today's Date is automatically populated with today's date for reference.

Providers: Select the providers to include, or check All to include all providers, including hidden providers, that have claim payments for the report period. Unearned will include pay splits with an unearned type (not associated to a provider, such as prepayments). Typically this report is run for one provider at a time.

Note: The Include Unearned checkbox was removed in version 16.4. This checkbox worked similar to the Unearned provider in that it included/excluded payments with an unearned type.

Clinics: If using Clinics, select the clinics to include, or check All (includes hidden) to include all clinics. Clinic is determined by the clinic of the procedure (place of service).

Date Range: Select the date range of the report. The default is based on the current Pay Period, if one is set up. Otherwise it defaults to one week prior to today's date.

Click OK to generate the report.

Example of a Summary Report and How Each Column is Calculated

Columns three through seven are production, and eight through 12 are income.

Date: The date that corresponds to the numbers calculated in each column.

Day/PatientDay: The day of the week that corresponds to the numbers calculated in each column. Only shows on Summary report type.

Patient: The name of the patient associated to all procedures, adjustments, and claim procedures. This is the actual patient on the paysplit. Only shows on Patient Detail report type.

UCR Production: Gross production based on completed procedures that were set complete within the date range. Does not include capitation write-offs.

Est Write-off: The total amount estimated write-off based on the Claim Snapshot.

Prod Adj: The sum all of adjustments that were created or edited within the date range. Excludes Bad Debt type adjustments.

Change in Write-off: The difference between the estimated write-off amount and the actual write-off (estimated minus actual).

Net Prod (NPR): The sum of gross production, estimated write-off, adjustments, and change in write-off columns.

Pat Inc Alloc: The sum of payments entered within the date range that are attached to a particular procedure.

Pat Inc Unalloc: The sum of payments entered within the date range that are not attached to a particular procedure.

Ins Income: The sum of all received claim payments that were marked received or supplemental within the date range.

Ins Not Final: The sum of all received insurance payments not yet attached to a finalized claim payment, that were marked received or supplemental within the date range.

Net Income: The sum of the allocated patient income (Pat Inc Alloc) and the insurance income (Ins Income) columns.

Technical Details

UCR Production is calculated by ProcFee x (UnitQty+BaseUnits).

UCR and Est Write-off dates are based on the Procedure.DateComplete (the date the procedure was originally set complete) column instead of ProcDate.