Receivables Breakdown Report

The Receivables Breakdown Report allows offices to see changes in accounts receivable throughout a calendar month.

In Standard Reports, in the Monthly section, click Receivables Breakdown.

This report is a breakdown, by date, of outstanding patient balances.

  • If Pay Plan charge logic is set to Age Credits and Debits in Preferences, this report takes into account payment plan amounts due. Otherwise it does not.
  • To make the totals on this report match the Aging of A/R report total, see the bottom of this page.
  • To control user access to this report, see Report Setup: Security Permissions.

Providers: Select the treating providers to include.

Show Insurance Write-offs: Select when write-offs should be applied. See Show Insurance Writeoffs for more details.

Up to the following date: Select the end date for the report. The start date is always the first day of the same month (e.g., if the end date of August 26 is selected, the start date will be August 1).

Report Preview

After setting report filters, click OK to generate a print preview of the report. Below is an example of the report and descriptions of each column of the report.

For a description of toolbar buttons, see Complex Report System.

Note: If the preference Transactions attached to a procedure offset each other before aging is enabled, negative adjustments are reflected in balances as of the procedure date, even when the adjustment date is after the selected report date.

Matching Receivables Breakdown and Aging of A/R Totals

To get the Aging of Accounts Receivable (A/R) Report Total to match the Receivables Breakdown, Ending A/R Total, run each report for all providers and select the options below.

Note: Reports will not match if you have payment plans.

Receivables Breakdown Report:

Aging of A/R Report:

The reports will not match if run for specific providers, even if there are no payment plans. The Aging of A/R report includes all entries associated with any patient who has the selected provider as their primary provider at the time of the work. The Receivable Breakdown includes ONLY the entries where the selected provider was the provider on the procedure/claim/adjustment/write-off. These totals will be very different.