eServices Signup Advanced

Use the Advanced View to sign up for eServices for multiple clinics at once.

In eServices Signup, click Advanced View.

This view opens by default when there are multiple locations/clinics.

  • Fees displayed on the screenshot above may not be current. Refer to Fees for Support and Services for the most up-to-date pricing.
  • For Open Dental Cloud users, this window will open in a new web browser session.

Country Code: Used for Integrated Texting Feature only and determines texting phone number and per message fees. Select the country the practice is in. If practice's country is not listed, contact Open Dental support to see if the service is available.

Permission Level: The security permission level of the logged-on user. Users with the Security Admin permission have full permissions and can change eService settings. Users without this permission have read-only access.


Save: Apply eService changes. Charges will be reflected in the practice's next statement. A warning will display if Mobile Settings for a clinic are not set up and eClipboard or Mobile is selected.