EHR Tobacco

In the EHR Dashboard, click the Edit smoking status row.


EHR must be enabled in Show Features for the Tobacco Use tab to display.

Smoking status, tobacco use, and documented interventions affect EHR Clinical Quality Measures in EHR Modified Stage 2.

Document information for CQM #138 (Preventive Care and Screening: Tobacco Use: Screening and Cessation Intervention). This CQM calculates how many patients 18 years and older are assessed as 'tobacco user' and also receive a cessation counseling intervention. See EHR Clinical Quality Measure Descriptions.

Current Smoking Status: Click the dropdown to select the patient's current smoking status. The available options are based on SNOMED CT codes. If none is selected, the status will not be counted in the numerator. Only one status selection per day will be added to the Assessment History. This status affects the percentage calculation for EHR Smoking Status.

Tobacco Use Assessment Tab

Assess the patient's tobacco use.

To add additional information to an assessment, double-click it from the Assessment History grid.

Click Delete to remove the assessment. Click OK to save changes.

Cessation Intervention

If patient is assessed as a tobacco user, document an Intervention.

To add additional information to a smoking intervention, double-click it from the Intervention History.

Click Delete to remove the intervention. Click OK to save changes.