Chart Module

The Chart Module is where the clinical information is entered and organized for a patient.

See our videos: Chart Module Webinar, QuickTip: Printing Progress Notes

Set default options in Chart Module Preferences. To view only clinical information, see Show Features. Define colors in Definitions: Chart Graphic Colors.

Chart Toolbar

Graphical Chart

The Graphical Tooth Chart shows all restorative treatment that has been performed or is planned for the patient. Drag the slider bar under the tooth chart to view procedure changes to the tooth chart over time).


To minimize/maximize the tab areas, click the currently selected tab.

Patient Info

Patient information is in the lower left. The fields that appear are defined in Display Fields. Double-click anywhere in the area to open the Edit Patient Information window.

Note: Patient Fields will only show here if you have added PatFields to Fields Showing in Display Fields, ChartPatientInformation.

A summary of medical information appears in the pink area. To change the color of the medical area, see Definitions: Misc Colors. Double-click on the area to open the Medical Chart.

Progress Notes

The grid title and items that show in the Progress Notes area are determined by the options selected for the active Chart View under the Show tab. The color for specific types of entries can be customized in Definitions: Prog Note Colors.

To edit an item in the Progress Notes, double-click on it. Right-click to view additional options.

Right Click Options:

To see the logic behind how procedures are sorted in the Progress Notes, see Procedure Sort Order.

Use the Show Tab, Search box to search through progress notes using a word or phrase.

Note: Forms designed using sheets can only be deleted by double-clicking the form, then deleting it from the Fill Sheet window. Deleted sheets are not permanently removed from the database. They can be viewed in Audit mode and also restored if needed.

Paging (<< , <, >, >>): As progress notes become longer, use the arrows or numbers to navigate through progress note pages. Paging only appears if the patient has more than 500 items in their progress notes (commlogs, procedures, tasks, emails, etc).

Treatment Plan View

If Treatment Plan is checked on the Enter Treatment tab, the interface changes to Treatment Plan view so you can treatment plan in the Chart module. The check box only shows when is TP view is selected in the Chart View (Show tab). Treatment Plan in Chart

Tabs below Patient Info

The tabs below Patient Info reflect Image categories that have been marked as Show in Chart module in Definitions: Image Categories. This is useful to view items like radiographs and photos directly in the Chart module.