Integrated Texting Troubleshooting

Below is some general help if you experience issues with Integrated Texting.

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Problem: Text message status is pending shows in the Texting Box.

Problem: Patients aren't receiving text messages.


Some text messages have a status of failed or I received a text stating "Delivery Failure Receipt." What do I need to do?

It's likely you tried to send a message to a recipient (patient) with an invalid wireless phone in Edit Patient Information. The common causes for this are:

To fix this, edit the patient's wireless phone and try again. If you receive these error messages frequently and are unable to fix the issue, please contact support.

Problem: Can't delete text message commlog.

Information: Commlogs are created whenever a text is sent or received. Sent text commlogs can be deleted, however received text commlogs cannot because they are directly tied to the received text.