Integrated Texting

In the Main Menu, click eServices, Texting.

Here you can view a summary of each location's Text Message history.

Warning: The eConnector must be running at all times to track monthly limits and overages. If it is not running, text messages can be sent, but tracking information will be inaccurate and customer replies will not be recorded.

By default, usage information for the current month shows. Use the arrows or calendar below the grid to change the month.

Column definitions:

Note: If a location sends more than 250 messages per day, a secondary phone number will be assigned for outgoing messages to prevent the location from being marked as a spam sender by wireless carriers. You will not be charged for this additional number.

Set the Default Texting Clinic

When using clinics, only patients assigned to a default clinic will receive text messages, or there must be a default texting clinic. To set a default texting clinic:

  1. Select the clinic.
  2. Click Set Default. X will show in the Default column.

This clinic will be used when patients are not assigned to default clinic.

To remove a default, click Clear Default, or select a different clinic default.