Time Ask to Arrive

Users can be prompted to remind a patient to arrive early for their appointment.

In the Appointments Module, schedule an appointment.

When Ask To Arrive Early value has already been entered in Edit Patient Information, this message appears immediately upon creating or selecting a patient's scheduled appointment. The Time Ask To Arrive is automatically prefilled on new appointments for the patient.

When a value is entered into the Time Ask To Arrive field of an appointment manually, the message appears only when rescheduling the appointment.

Additionally, the time asked to arrive can be used when sending automated text messages to the patient.

Appointment Specific

Set an individual appointment with a reminder to arrive early. This can be useful for first appointments when the patient has forms to fill out.

In the Appointments Module, double-click an existing appointment. In the Edit Appointment window, enter the Time Ask To Arrive in 00:00 format.

All Appointments for a Patient

Set all appointments for a patient to prompt with a reminder to arrive early. This can be useful for patients who have a history of running late.

In the patient's Edit Patient Information, enter a Ask To Arrive Early in minutes.

Additionally, check Same for entire family to apply the early arrival time to everyone in the patient's family.

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