Automated Messaging

In eServices Setup, click Automated Messaging.

Automated messaging includes eReminders, eConfirmations, Automated Thank-Yous, Arrivals, Patient Portal invites, and General Messages. Use this window to enable and set up each feature.

Some features require an additional fee. First, sign up for these features in eServices Signup.

Advanced Settings: Click to see Automated Messaging Advanced Settings.

Activate / Deactivate Features

Choose which features to activate in the upper left.

Active features display in green. Inactive features display in red.

To activate a feature, click the Activate button. To deactivate a feature, click the Deactivate button.

Add Rules

Rules determine the timing and message sent on automated messages. See the Edit Rule window for details.

Before Appointment: These rules apply to messages sent before the appointment time.

At Appointment: These rules apply to messages sent at the time of the appointment.

After Appointment: These rules apply to messages sent after an appointment has been set complete.

Note: When adding rules for a specific clinic, a Use Defaults checkbox will appear. See below for details.

eConfirmation Exclusion Days

eConfirmation Exclusion Days: Click to open eConfirmation Exclusion Days.

Automated Messaging Rules Grid

Existing rules display in the Automated Messaging Rules grid. Double-click a rule to edit.

Clinic: Before creating or editing a rule, use the Clinic dropdown to select the clinic and any clinic-specific settings.

Grid Headings: