Unscheduled List

The Unscheduled List is a place to temporarily store Appointments that need follow-up (e.g. no-shows, canceled appointments).

In Appointment Lists, click Unscheduled.

See our video: Managing the Unscheduled List Webinar.

There are a few ways to send an scheduled appointment to the Unscheduled List.

  • Do not send appointments that have planned appointments to the Unscheduled List. Instead, simply delete the scheduled appointment, then use the Planned Appointment Tracker to track and reschedule.
  • An option to prevent Recall appointments from being sent to the unscheduled list can be found in Appointments Module Preferences.
  • If Appointments Require Procedures is checked in the Appointment Module Preferences, then unscheduled appointments will be deleted automatically if the attached procedures are scheduled onto a new appointment.
  • Completed appointments with procedures attached cannot be sent to the unscheduled list if Prevent changes to completed appointment with completed procedures is enabled in Appointment Module Preferences.

The Unscheduled List is non-modal; you can browse to other windows while it is open.

Narrow or sort the unscheduled list by specific criteria. Click Refresh to update.

Results only include patients with a status of Patient.

Print List: Print the list as it appears on-screen.

Setup: Click to change default report dates.

Reschedule an Appointment

Option 1: Right-click on the appointment, then select Send to Pinboard. Drag the appointment to the schedule.

Option 2: Double-click on the appointment to open the Edit Appointment window. Make commlog notes as needed. Click Pinboard then drag it to the schedule.

Once rescheduled, the appointment no longer shows in the Unscheduled List.