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Definitions: Task Priorities

Use the Task Priorities definition to create new task priorities, set defaults, and edit the color of the priority box and task. Task lists are sorted using the order of these priorities.

Add or Edit Task Priorities

  1. Click Setup, Definitions, then select Task Priorities.

  1. Click Add to add a new task priority, or double-click a task priority to edit.

  1. Name: Enter a name for the priority.
  2. D=Default, R = Reminder:
    • Enter D for the task priority that should be used as the default. The last default in the list will be used if there is more than one default.
    • Enter R to designate this task priority as the default Task Reminders priority
  3. Color: Click the Color box to select the background color for the priority.
  4. Click OK to save.

Reorder Priorities
On the main Definitions window, highlight a priority, then click the up/down arrows.

Hide Priorities
Hiding a priority makes it no longer available as a selection option.

  • On the main Definitions window, highlight the priority, then click Hide.
  • On the Edit Definitions window, check the Hidden box.

To unhide a priority, uncheck the Hidden box on the Edit Definitions window.


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