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Task Reminders

Task reminders can be used to remind staff of tasks that need to be done daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. The reminder will show in a user's task list when it is due until it is marked done. Set up Tasks before using task reminders. Task reminders are an updated alternative to Repeating Tasks.

Reminders show in three places:

  • The user's task list when the reminder is due.
  • Appointments Module, Reminders tab.
  • Task Area, Reminder tab. See Reminder History below.

How Task Reminders Work

  1. Set up tasks first. Enable tasks, set up user inboxes and task lists. See Task Setup.
  2. Add a task from the Reminders tab, enter a Date/Time Entry (this is when the task will appear in the user's task list), set the repeat interval and mark the task done before sending it so the reminder only shows in the Reminders tab until it is due. Send to a task list.
  3. Reminders do not have to repeat. You can set a one-time reminder if the repeat is set to None.
  4. The reminder will appear in the task list when it is due and until it is marked done. When marked done, it disappears and will reappear when it is due again if a repeat interval is set.

All users subscribed to the task list will also receive the reminder until it is marked done.

Reminders do not pop up but they are color coded. Task Priority is automatically set to Reminder, and the default color for task reminders is light orange. A task priority called Reminder will be automatically added to the list of available priorities on 16.3 and greater. Edit defaults in Definitions: Task Priorities.

A task reminder will repeat based on the time it is created. If you create a reminder at 3:45 pm and set the repeat for daily, you will get the reminder at 3:45 pm each day. To receive reminders at a specific time, manually enter the time in the Date/Time Entry field, then send the task.

Add a Task Reminder

  1. In the tasks area, click the Reminders tab, Add Task. Or, click the Add Task dropdown, Reminder.
  2. In Date/Time Entry, enter the date/time you want the reminder to first come due. The default is today at the current time.
  3. Enter a description.

  1. In the Reminder area, select a Repeat interval.
    • Repeat: Daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.
    • Every __: The repeat frequency of the reminder.
    • Days: Only shows for weekly repeat interval. Check one or more days the reminder will appear, Monday through Sunday.

For example, to trigger a task reminder on Friday every week for 12 weeks, select Weekly, enter 12 in the Every field, and check the box labeled "F".

  1. By default, the task priority is set to Reminder. Change the task priority to organize tasks by precedence.
  2. If the user's task list is not already selected, click Send To and select a task list for the reminder. Otherwise, click OK.

Stop a Task Reminder
To stop a reminder from repeating, set the repeat interval to none and mark it done. The reminder will not reappear once it's marked done, but can still be found in the task list through the Show Finished Tasks option. To stop a task reminder and remove it from the task list, delete it.

Reminder History
All reminders show under the reminder tab, grouped by task list. Reminders show here that:

  • Are new/viewed.
  • Are due in the future.
  • Have no repeat interval.
  • Are marked done, if Show Finished Tasks is enabled.

To view a task reminder Audit Trail, open the task reminder, and click Audit Trail.

Create Date: The original date of the task.
Edit Date: The date the change was made.
Editing User: The user who made the change.
Changes: A description of the change.


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