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Dental School Providers

For Dental Schools, there are three types of providers:  

To define the security permissions each type has, see Dental Schools Security

All provider types can be added and edited in the Provider List. In the main menu, click Lists, Providers.

By default, all providers are listed.

  • If a provider is an instructor, an X shows in the Instructor column.
  • To view providers that have been marked 'Hidden' on the Edit Provider window, check Show Hidden.
  • To view providers that were removed during a Provider Merge, check Show Deleted. The 'deleted' providers will be highlighted red and their information can be viewed but not edited.

To filter the list, use the Dental Schools Search by area in the upper right corner.

  • Classes: Show student providers from a specific Dental Class.
  • Radio Buttons: All = show all providers; Students = show all students in all classes; Instructors = show all instructors.
  • Last name, First Name, Prov Num: Enter specific criteria. The list will filter as you type.

Add Instructors
Add Students
Add Other Providers


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