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Dental Schools Security

Dental Schools security include assigning user groups and permissions, setting default user groups for students and instructors, and setting up usernames and passwords for logging on to Open Dental.

User Groups and Security Permissions
All users should be assigned to a user group which determines the user's security Permissions. You will need at least three types of User Groups.  Carefully consider which permissions each user group should have.

  • Admin users:  Usually have access to most if not all permissions, including:
    - Security Admin:  Define users, user groups, security permissions.
    - Setup:  Access to setup functions, including dental courses and classes.
    - Instructor Edit:  Create and edit providers that are instructors.
    - Student Edit:  Create and edit providers that are students.
    - Admin Evaluation Edit: View and edit student evaluations; cannot create.

    Note that the Admin user (with the Admin Evaluation Edit permission) cannot create student evaluations because they are usually not instructors.  Only instructors can create evaluations. 

  • Instructors: All instructors have the ability to create student Evaluations; this is not related to a security permission. However, to Set up Evaluations the instructor user group should have the Setup permission.   Instructors should not have the Admin Evaluation Edit permission as this will block them from creating student evaluations.

  • Students: Students should not have access to permissions that involve system setup or security. 

To create a user group, in the Main Menu, click Setup, Security

Assign Students and Instructors a User Group
See Default User Groups for Students and Instructors.

User names and passwords
Each student and instructor will need a unique username and password to log on to Open Dental.  These can be defined when setting up the Instructor or Student.


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