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CQM:  Attest that Current Medications are Documented

For Clinical Quality Measure #68, Document Current Meds, a provider must verify during a patient encounter that the patient's Medication List is current to the best of his/her knowledge and ability.

Webinar: Documenting Current Problems, Medications, and Allergies

  1. In the Chart module, double click on the medical information in the Patient Info area (usually pink).
  2. Click the Medical Info tab.

  1. Check a radio button under Current Meds Documented.
    If Yes, this patient encounter will count in the numerator for this measure, thus increasing the percentage.
    If No then OK is clicked, you will be prompted to enter a Reason Not Performed.  If a qualifying reason is entered, this encounter will be excluded from both the end denominator and numerator and not affect the percentage.
  2. Click OK to save information and close the window.


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