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Enter New Patients by Family

New patients who belong to the same family can be entered into Open Dental at one time. If a record exists for a family member already, add additional members in the Family module instead. To add a single patient, see Entering New Patients.

  1. In the main menu, click Select Patient.
  2. At a minimum, search the last name of the new family and verify that a record doesn't already exist.
  3. Click Add Many. 

  1. Enter the family information, then click OK to save. You can prompt staff to complete certain fields using Required Fields marked with an *.

Each family member is represented by an information column (last name, first name, gender/position, birthdate/age etc). The last three columns are designated for children. If there are more than five family members, add additional members in the Family module. The Guarantor is the person who is responsible for the account. To reduce data entry, some Guarantor information will automatically populate for other family members.

Last Name/First Name: Once you enter the guarantor's last name, the same last name will automatically populate for other family members as you enter first names. Click in the field to edit.  
Birthday/Age: Enter the birth date. Age will automatically calculate when you leave the field. Birth dates entered on the select patient window carry over when adding new patient(s). Format birthdate as mm/dd/yyyy.
Insurance 1, 2: If you have entered Insurance Plan 1 and/or 2 information (see below), indicate which plans apply to each family member. Guarantor selections affect other family members. 
Providers: Select each patient's primary and secondary Provider. Guarantor selections affect other family members.
Email Address: Enter an email address for each patient.
Enter a social security number for each patient.
Choose a patient status from the list.
Billing Type:
Choose a billing type from the dropdown.
Address and Phone: Enter the Zip Code, and the City and State fields will fill in automatically. To speed up data entry, click the dropdown to select from frequently used zip codes.
Address and Phone Notes: These notes can be longer than four lines, but only the first four lines will show in the Family module without scrolling. They will also show in the Unscheduled list, Recall list, and Appointments module.
Referred From: Enter information about a Referral using the button. Entered referrals will be added to the Referral List. Double-click the Referred From field to view all referral sources for the selected patient.
Comm: Click to launch the Communications Log. Enter a Commlog that shows in each family member's progress notes.
Insurance 1/2: If the family is covered by insurance, enter plan information. There are two options:

  • Click Pick from List to select the plan from the Insurance Plan List.
  • If it is a brand new plan, enter the initial plan information.  Subscriber, Subscriber ID and Carrier are required if you have selected an Insurance checkbox (1 or 2) for a family member. Click the Subscriber dropdown to select subscriber name. Add additional insurance information in the Family module.

Note: To enter initial plan information from here, the logged in user must have the Insurance Plan Edit Permission. If they do not, they can only Pick From List.

Once you leave this window, go to the Family module to change patient information.


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