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Letter Merge

This feature merges single patients into a letter in Microsoft Word. See Letter, Labels, and Envelopes for more options.

Currently Open Dental only has built-in letter merge functionality for single patients and it only works with Microsoft Word 2002 or later. If you need to merge letters for multiple patients at once, see the Mail Merge in Word or Open Office Form Letter sections. Also, don't forget that you can keep it simple for single patients and use Patient Letters and Referral Letters without doing any merging at all.

Select a patient.  From the main Toolbar, use the dropdown menu on the Letter button, and select Merge.

Clicking the Edit Categories button takes you to the Definitions window where you can add categories and set their order.

Then, you can add letters to each category. Click the Add button:

Enter a Template File Name, then click the New button. This launches Word, creates a blank template, and closes Word.

Enter the other information as shown above.

After you click OK, click Edit Template in the main Letter Merge window. This opens your blank template, creates a datafile with one row, and attaches the datafile to the template as a datasource.

Type up your letter. Anyplace where you want a merge field, click the Insert Merge Fields button as shown above.

From here, you can insert fields, set up address fields using the Match Fields button, etc.

Save your template and return to Open Dental. You can return here anytime to further edit your template, add more fields, etc.

Finally, in the Create box, you have three choices when it comes time to perform the merge. You can create a data file only, you can directly print, or you can preview. In the last two cases, Open Dental launches Word to perform the automation. Keep in mind that this is a merge letter for only one patient, so the datafile will always have only one row of data.

If you ever see this error:
Word cannot start the converter mswrd632
It is due to a recent Microsoft security update, and the fix is located here:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/973904


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