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Non-Dental Practice / Clinic

For practices or clinics using Open Dental for non-dental purposes, you can change the Open Dental interface to remove dental information.

Enable the Non-Dental Interface
To enable the non-dental interface, designate the practice or clinic as medical.

  • For a practice: In the Main Menu, click Setup, Practice, then check the 'Practice is Medical' box.
  • For a clinic: In the Main Menu, click Lists, Clinics, then check the 'Clinic is Medical' box.

The following changes occur will occur:

  • Throughout the software, most references to teeth and surfaces are hidden.
  • The Chart and Treatment Plan icons will be non-dental.
  • In the Chart module:
    • The graphical tooth chart is hidden and the note box is larger.
    • Tabs for Missing Teeth, Movements and Primary no longer show.
    • Buttons for Perio Chart, Tooth Chart and Ortho Chart are removed from the toolbar.
  • The Edit Benefits window displays in Row View only.
  • In Reports, the Procedure Code column is widened to accommodate up to 15 characters.

Below is an example of the non-dental interface in the Chart module.

Other Useful Features
Other possible interface changes:

  • In the Chart module, Show tab, create customized views for the Progress Notes by removing columns that pertain to dental.
  • In Definitions, customize options by renaming, editing, or removing dental options and adding others (Appt Procs Quick Add, Proc Button Categories, Diagnosis, Image categories, Proc Code Categories, Provider Specialties).
  • In Display Fields, remove dental columns from the interface (e.g. ProcedureGroupNote, TreatmentPlanModule).

Other features useful for non-dental practices:


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