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Custom Patient Fields  

Custom patient fields are fields you can add to various areas of the program . Examples: second email, fax number, patient's website, trivia, signed HIPAA. They can show in several areas including:

  • Patient Information area of the Family module.
  • Patient information area of the Account module.
  • Patient Information area of the Chart module.
  • Ortho Chart
  • Group Note (this option is for Orion users only)

Information entered in a custom patient field can also be displayed in an appointment box on the schedule (see Appointment Views).

Enter Information in a Custom Patient Field

  1. In the patient information area, double click the cell.

  1. Type the information, or select from a list of options.
  2. Click OK to save.

Note: Data entered in a patient field is tied to the field name. If you edit a patient field name, any data already entered in the field will be hidden, and essentially a new field is created. To view data tied to the original field name, revert to the original name, or create a new field with the same name.

Add / Edit Patient Fields

  1. In the main menu, click Setup, Family/Insurance, Patient Field Defs.

To reorder patient fields, highlight the field, then click the up/down arrows.

  1. Click Add or double click an existing field to edit.

  1. Field Name: Enter the field label.
  2. Field Type: Select the type of field.
    • Text: Users can enter any freeform text.
    • PickList: Users will select from a list of items. Enter one item on each line. Answers will be attached to patients as plain text.
    • Date: Only allow users to enter dates. These dates will be attached to patients as plain text rather than as a formal date.
    • Checkbox: Create a single checkbox that users can use to indicate yes or true. 
    • Currency: Only numeric values will be allowed. Values will be converted to currency (e.g. 1 will be converted to $1.00).
  3. Click OK to save


  • Patient field defs in use cannot be deleted. Instead, check Hidden to hide them.
  • Editing a field name will cause any data already entered in the field for a patient to also be hidden. Essentially a new field is created with the new name, and any data. To remove any entered data from the patient's recordremoves the original field and creates a new field with the edited name.

Location of the Patient Field
Custom patient fields can be available to display in all patient information areas (Chart, Account, Family, Ortho Chart), or you can set patient fields to only be available for specific patient information areas.

Note: To actually display patient fields in the Family, Account, and Chart module patient information areas, also add the 'PatFields' to the corresponding Display Field category.

  1. On the Patient Field Defs window, click Setup to open the Field Display window.

  1. Field Location: Click the dropdown to select the location. There are four options for patient fields:
    • Account: Fields available for the Display Field category 'AccountPatientInformation'.
    • Chart: Fields available for the Display Field category 'ChartPatientInformation'.
    • Family: Fields available for the Display Field category 'PatientInformation'.
    • OrthoChart: Fields that will display in the Patient Fields area of the Ortho Chart.

    Note: AppointmentEdit location is for Appointment Field Defs only; the Group Note location is for Orion users only.

  2. Visible vs Hidden Fields: Determine which fields should be visible and which should be hidden. To move a field to a different grid, highlight it, then click the right/left arrow.
    • Visible Fields: Fields that will show in the Ortho Chart, or when PatFields is added to the corresponding Display Field category.
    • Hidden Fields: Fields that will not show.

  3. Click OK to save.


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