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Entering New Patients  

To prevent duplicate records, Open Dental always requires that you search for an existing records by last name before creating a new patient. 

To add a single patient or many family members at once:

  1. In the main Toolbar, click Select Patient, or click anywhere in the Appointment schedule. 
  2. On the Select Patient window, at a minimum enter the last name of the new patient and check that a record doesn't already exist. 
  3. To add a single patient, click Add Pt to open the Edit Patient Information window. 
    To add multiple family members, click Add Many, then see Entering New Patients by Family.

First Name, Last Names, and Birth dates (mm/dd/yyyy) entered on select patient window automatically carry over when adding new patient(s).

To add a new patient to an existing family:

  1. In the Family module, select an existing patient in the family.
  2. In the toolbar, click Add.
  3. Enter patient details on the Edit Patient Information window.
  4. Click OK to save.


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