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Production Totals

To the right of the Appointment schedule, there is a field for Daily Prod.

Note: This field gives you a general idea of the day's production. To view actual production numbers, see Production and Income Reports instead.

By default, the value reflects the daily production sum for all procedures attached to appointments for providers whose bars show in the appointment view. To instead calculate the value based on the sum for all procedures scheduled in operatories that show in the appointment view, check 'Appointment module production use operatories' in Appointment Module Preferences.

If 'Add daily adjustments to net production' is checked, adjustments are included in the net production total.

To show a value in this field:

  • 'Production' must be added to the selected Appointment View.
  • Providers must be associated to the Appointment View. 

Only one amount shows when gross and net amounts are the same. 

If two amounts show, gross and net amounts are different. 

  • The first number is the gross (sum) of the procedure fees.
  • The second number is the net after subtracting all writeoffs and writeoff estimates. Writeoffs will be used when viewing dates in the past; estimates will be used when viewing current or future dates. 

Note: Net production can be greater than gross production if a patient in the appointment view has received a refund.


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