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Recurring Charges 

The recurring charges feature can be used to select multiple credit cards to charge on a given day. It does not automatically process credit cards on the process date. Instead you must manually process the charges using the CC Recurring Charges tool.

Requirements: Set up Credit Card Processing with X-Charge or PayConnect and have safely stored the patient's credit card information using tokens.

The general steps are as follows.

  1. Set up a Payment Plan or a Repeating Charge.
  2. Enter patient's credit card information.
  3. Authorize Recurring Charges for the patient.
  4. If using repeating charges, run the Repeating Charge tool.
  5. Run the CC Recurring Charge tool to process the charge.

Run the CC Recurring Charges Tool
Before running the tool, run any repeating charges and make sure Aging is up to date. After running the tool, run the Production and Income Report, Daily Payments Report, Aging of A/R Report and Statements. This will prevent confusion.

Note: Do not run the tool and process charges at the same time on the same computer (e.g. do not have multiple instances of Open Dental running on the same computer, and use one instance to run the tool and another to process charges).

  1. In the main menu click Tools, CC Recurring Charges.

Recurring charges that meet this criteria will list:

  • The recurring charge date is on or after the date filter criteria set on the right. To change the date criteria, enter the date (MM/DD/YY) or click Today to insert today's date.
  • If using Clinics, the patient's default clinic or the clinic assigned to the patient's payment plan is selected under the Clinic filter.
  • Patient has an authorized recurring charge.
  • Patient has a balance owed or patient is a guarantor and family has a balance owed.
  • A charge has not been processed and applied for the scheduled recurring charge date.


  • Declined charges remain in the list until the charge is successful, or the authorization is removed.
  • To force processing of a duplicate charge, check Force Duplicates before running recurring charges. Used if multiple family members have recurring charges setup on the same credit card. To set Force Duplicates as default, see X-Charge (one set of credentials) if using X-Charge or PayConnect (a single set of credentials) if using PayConnect.
  • You can only run recurring charges for clinics you have access to (see Security User Profiles).
  1. Select the patients you wish to charge. Click All to select all patients, click None to deselect all patients, or click on each to highlight.
  2. Click Send to charge the credit cards.

While the charges are processing, do not click on the list.  Doing so will reset the list, and, while payments may be successfully processed, the patients will still appear in the Recurring Charges list, and payments will not appear as posted in Open Dental. In this case, you will need to go to each patient's Account and post a Payment manually. For X-Charge, use a report to enter the approval code in the note section of the Payment window.  Also, if you minimize Open Dental while the charges are processing, you will be unable to maximize it until all charges are complete.

When the cards are finished charging, check the Counts section to see successful or failed charges.

  • Total: The total amount of recurring charges ready to be run.
  • Selected: The number of charges that are currently selected for processing.
  • Charged: The number of charges successfully processed during the most recent run.
  • Update: (If using X-Charge Decline Minimizer only) The number of credit cards updated by Decline Minimizer.
  • Failed: The number of charges that failed to process during the most recent run. When a card is declined, a matching transaction for $0.00, with a note that indicates the decline, will show in the patient's account ledger.

By default, payments are applied to the provider the family owes the most money to. To instead apply the payments to the patient's primary provider, change the setting in Account Module Preferences for 'Recurring charges use primary provider'.

This window can be left open to make it easy to view each patient's account. Remember to always click Refresh before charging more cards to make sure you have the most recent list of recurring charges.

Failed Charges
If a patient remains in the list after running the tool, their charge was not successfully processed. Double click on any row to go directly to that patient's Account. Possible causes are a declined credit card or an old expiration date. Contact each patient to determine the cause, then make the needed changes. If the patient gives you a new card, you must add a new credit card and delete the old card.  Do not edit existing cards because that can cause problems with tokens.

X-Charge Decline Minimizer: If using this tool and it updates credit card information, Open Dental will also update the information when the charge is processed. The Updated total on the right will show the number of cards updated.

Processing Dates
Patients will appear in the list as long as their authorized recurring charge has not been processed in at least the last 30 days. If you run the tool on a date other than the credit card's authorized recurring charge date, the Payment date is determined by the following:

  • If 'Recurring Charges use transaction date' is checked in Account Module Preferences, the Payment date will be date the charge is run.
  • If 'Recurring Charges use transaction date' is unchecked, the Payment date will be backdated to the scheduled recurring charge date, unless there is a Security lock date in place to prevent it.

The Payment entry date will always reflect the actual date the charge was made.

Payment Plans
Recurring charges can also be set up for monthly payment plans. When authorizing the recurring charge, select the payment plan the charge applies to. Payment plan charges will then show in the Recurring Charges list just like regular recurring charges.

Questions and Answers
Q: Can I set up multiple recurring charges for the same patient in one month (e.g. one for the 1st of the month and one for the 15th)?
A: No. Each patient can have only one recurring charge per month.


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