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Receipts are usually generated for specific payments and show insurance estimates, balance and payments.  Procedures and scheduled appointments do not show.  Receipts can be printed or emailed from the Account module via the Statements dropdown. 

Walkout Receipt
This receipt shows only today's payments for a single patient, as well as the total expected patient portion due, insurance estimate, and balance. A slightly different version of the receipt is created for Canada.

In the Account module toolbar, click the Statement dropdown, then Receipt.  The receipt will print directly to the default Printer and a line item will show in the Patient Account Ledger (Statement-InPerson).

Email a Receipt or Select More Options

  1. Click the Statement dropdown, More Options.
  2. On the Statement Window, check the Receipt box. This changes the document title to 'Receipt'.
  3. Select other options as needed. See the Statement Window for a full description of each.
  4. Click View to preview the receipt.
    Click Print to send the receipt to the default Printer.
    Click Email to email the receipt as a PDF.  See Send Email.
    Click OK to generate the receipt without printing or emailing it.

The receipt will show as an line item in the Patient Account Ledger. Double click to view, reprint, or resend.

If using X-Charge or PayConnect for credit card charges, receipts can also be generated from the virtual terminal. See Credit Card Payments.


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