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Enter a Patient's Credit Card Payment (X-Charge or PayConnect)

The process of taking a patient's Credit Card payment can vary depending on the Patient Payment Preferences you have set up. These steps assume you are allocating pay splits to procedures and provider.

In the Account module:

  1. Click Payment.

  1. Enter the payment amount.
  2. Prefer this patient: Check this box to prioritize the patient's oldest outstanding charges when suggesting pay split allocations. Uncheck to suggest pay splits allocated to the oldest outstanding charges for the whole family (not necessarily the patient's).
  3. Click OK. The Payment window will open.

  1. Clinics: If using Clinics, make sure the correct clinic is selected.
  2. Current Payment Splits: Verify that pay splits are allocated to the correct outstanding charges (patients, procedures, providers, clinics and/or unearned income type).
    • To modify a pay split, double click it. See Edit Pay Splits.
    • To add a pay split, click Add Split.
  3. Credit Card: Select the credit card to charge or New Card to enter a new credit card number.
  4. Click X-Charge or PayConnect to initiate the credit card processor.

    X-Charge: X-Charge window
    1. Select Purchase as the transaction type.
    2. Click OK.
    3. Enter the credit card information (for a new credit card)
    4. Click Process or F12.

    PayConnect: PayConnect window

    1. Select Sale as the transaction type.
    2. Enter the credit card information (for a new credit card)
    3. Click OK.

A note with Transaction Details will be automatically added to the payment Note. It will indicate successful or declined transactions.

  1. Print Receipt/E-mail Receipt: Click to manually print or email a receipt. You can also set Open Dental to automatically print or email after a successful transaction. See X-Charge or PayConnect Setup.
  2. Click OK to post the payment to the patient account.


  • Payments allocated to procedures for multiple family members will post to each patient account.
  • When a payment transaction is declined, clicking OK will post a $0 payment entry.
  • Cancel will void this payment transaction.


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