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Patient Portion Uncollected Report

The Patient Portion Uncollected Report shows the uncollected patient balance of procedures completed in a date range. The report can also be filtered by Clinics, if enabled.

Note: To control user access to this report, see Report Setup - Security Permissions.

  1. In the main menu click Reports, Standard.
  2. In the Daily section, click Patient Portion Uncollected.

  1. Calendar: In the first calendar select the start date. In the second calendar select the end date. Only procedures completed in the selected date range will appear on the report.
  2. Clinics: If using Clinics, select the clinics to include in the report. Users can only select clinics they have access to.
  3. Click OK to generate the report. The Patient Portion Uncollected report uses the Complex Report System.

Below is a description of each column in the report.

  • Date: The procedure completed date.
  • Patient Name: The patient with the completed procedure that has a remaining balance.
  • Procedure: The abbreviation of the completed procedure.
  • Fee: The procedure fee (multiplied by Base Units and Unit Quantity if entered).
  • Patient: The total amount the patient owes after the insurance payment and writeoff.
  • Adjustment: The total amount of adjustments attached to the procedure.
  • Patient Paid: The total amount of patient payments attached to the procedure.
  • Uncollected: The remaining procedure balance after any partial patient payments, insurance payments, insurance writeoffs, and adjustments.
Questions and Answers
Question: The uncollected amount for a procedure does not reflect the insurance estimate/payment and writeoff. Why?
Answer: Procedures on Sent and Received claims reflect insurance estimates/payments and writeoffs. Procedures on claims with any other status do not.


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