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Secure WebMail

Secure WebMails allow providers and patients to exchange private, secure messages. To begin using WebMail, Set up the Patient Portal.

WebMail can be used in the following scenarios.

Provider Sends WebMail to Patient

  1. Provider sends a secure WebMail to a patient. See Send a Secure WebMail to a Patient.
  2. The patient receives an email notification indicating that a secure message is waiting for them in the portal.
  3. The patient logs in to the portal using their credentials. In the portal, they can view, reply to, and send new WebMails.  

See Patient Portal: What the Patient Sees

Patient Sends WebMail to Provider
Secure WebMails sent to a provider can be viewed when the provider is logged in to Open Dental. They are viewable in the Email Inbox and Chart module.

  1. Patient logs in to the Patient Portal and composes a new WebMail to their primary provider.
  2. Provider logs in to Open Dental. The WebMail can be seen in the provider's WebMail Inbox or the Chart module.

Provider Sends WebMail to another Provider
You can also securely exchange patient information with another provider using WebMail and the Patient Portal.

  • Create a patient record for the provider. At a minimum, enter email address and assign a primary provider (the provider who will send the messages).
  • Grant Portal Access to the provider.


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