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Time Ask to Arrive

Open Dental has a few features to help you manage patient arrival time without changing appointment time. This can be useful for patients who typically arrive late to appointments, or for new patients who will fill out paperwork prior to the appointment. These features are especially useful to new practices who are learning the practice workflow or to large clinics for time management.

You can attach an early arrival time that will apply to all appointments for a patient, or a one-time early arrival time to a specific appointment.

Set Patient's Early Arrival Time for all Appointments

  1. Open the Edit Patient Information window.

  1. Enter the length of time, in minutes, you want the patient to arrive early. To apply the early arrival time to the patient's family, check the Same for entire family box.
  2. Click OK to save.

Every time an appointment for the patient is scheduled, a popup will notify you of the early arrival time. For example, a patient is scheduled for a 9:00 AM appointment and is being asked to arrive at 8:45 AM.

On the Edit Appointment window, the Time Ask to Arrive field will automatically populate with the Ask to Arrive Early value.

The appointment schedule will show the appointment time, not the Time Ask to Arrive. Display the Time Ask to Arrive in the appointment box in Appointment View Edit. The Time Ask to Arrive will display on patient literature (e.g. email, postcard reminders, etc.).

Note: A patient can be scheduled with a Time Ask to Arrive outside of open office hours without a warning message. For example, the clinic opens at 8:00 am, the patient is scheduled for an 8:00 am appointment but is asked to arrive at 7:45 am (the office is not open).

Set Early Arrival Time for One Appointment

  1. Open the Edit Appointment window.


  1. In Time Ask to Arrive, enter the time you want the patient to arrive in 00:00 format. When manually changed on this window, the entered time affects this appointment only.

Note: If an appointment is rescheduled, the Time Ask to Arrive value will reset. If an Ask to Arrive Early value is entered on the Edit Patient Information window, it will be used to calculate a new arrival time, and a message will indicate the previous arrival time.


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