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Web Sched New Patient - What Patients See

Below is a description what a patient will see when all Web Sched New Patient interface options are enabled and they try schedule their first appointment.


Eligibility Prompts
When prompts are enabled, the patient will first be asked a series of questions to determine their eligibility to schedule.

  • A patient record cannot already exist; patient must be new.
  • Patient must be 18 years of age or older, or a parent/legal guardian must confirm they are scheduling on a minor's behalf.

Question 1: Has this patient had an appointment with us before?

  • Yes: Patient will be asked to call the clinic to schedule instead.
  • No: Proceed to question 2.

Question 2: Is the patient 18 years or older?

  • Yes: Proceed to scheduling.
  • No: If the Allow Child prompt is enabled, p.roceed to question 3. If it is not enabled, patient will be asked to call the clinic to schedule.

Question 3: Are you the parent or legal guardian of the minor patient?

  • Yes: Proceed to scheduling.
  • No: Patient will be asked to call the clinic to schedule.

Proceed to Scheduling
Patient completes basic information and selects an available time slot.

Reason for appointment: If Web Sched New Patient Appointment Types are set up, patient is prompted to state the reason for the appointment.

Select Appointment: Patient selects a day and time, based on available time slots.

Guardian / Patient Info: Guardian or patient enters basic contact information.

Schedule: Patient clicks Schedule Appointment. If patient information meets requirements (new patient, 18 or over), a message will indicate scheduling success.

If you have added a redirect URL to the code, the redirect URL will show instead.

In Open Dental

  • Scheduled appointments instantly show up in the Appointment schedule.
  • An Alert is created to notify staff a new patient appointment has been scheduled.
  • Use the Web Sched Appointments report to view and track appointments scheduled using Web Sched.


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