Automated Thank-Yous

In eServices Setup, click Automated Messaging.

Automated Thank-Yous is an eService that sends an automated thank you message (email or text message) when a patient schedules an appointment. They are sent shortly after an appointment is scheduled for a patient.

General Setup:

  1. Activate Automated Thank-Yous by clicking Activate Auto Thank-You.
  2. Create Auto Thank-You Rules (see below). Rules determine when and how a Thank-You is sent, and the message.
  • To send an Auto Thank-You, the eConnector must be installed.
  • Rules and automation can be determined by clinic.
  • Auto Thank-Yous are included in support if sending by email only. If also sending by text messaging, Integrated Texting must be enabled.

Create Auto Thank-You Rules

  1. Select the clinic and any clinic-specific settings.
    • To create default rules, select Defaults as the clinic, then create the rules.
    • To apply default rules to a clinic, select the clinic, then check Use Defaults.
    • To create clinic-specific rules, select the clinic, uncheck Use Defaults, then create the rules.
    • To turn on/off automation by clinic, select the clinic, then check/uncheck Enable Automation for Clinic.
  2. Click Add Auto Thank You or double-click an existing rule to edit.
  3. Enabled: By default this is checked, meaning the thank you rule is turned on and active. Uncheck to disable the rule.
  4. Send Time: Set time preferences for sending the message.
    • Days / Hours: Set how long after the appointment is created, in hours or days, the Thank-You should be sent.
      Note: Setting the send time to 0 will send the message shortly after an appointment is created, but it can cause multiple Thank-You's to send out if the appointment is deleted, recreated or moved to a different time slot after scheduling.
    • Do not send within ____ of appointment: Control whether or not messages are sent for short notice appointments (e.g. same day appointments). When values are entered for Days / Hours, Thank-Yous will not be sent when the upcoming appointment time falls within the time period.
  5. Send Order: Select how the Thank-Yous will be sent.
    • Check Send All to send via text message and email, if patient has both options.
    • Or, set a specific delivery method order. The method listed first will be attempted first. If unsuccessful, the second method will be attempted. If that is unsuccessful, the third method will be attempted. Highlight a method, then click the up/down arrows to reorder it. Options include:
      • Preferred Confirm Method: Use the patient's preferred confirmation method to send the message. If Work Phone is selected the program will move to the next send method (Text or Email). See Edit Patient Information.
      • Text: Send text messages.
      • Email: Send email messages.
  6. Customize the Thank-You text and email message.
    • Text Message: The text used for text messages.
    • Email Subject and Body: The first text box is for the subject line. The second text box is for the body of the emails. Click Edit to insert HTML Email formatting.

      To insert data from the database into the message, use Template Replacement Tags:

      • [AddToCalendar]: Include a link for each appointment listed. This link will allow the patient to download/import a calendar event into their device or calendar application. Should an appointment be rescheduled, a follow up Thank-You will be sent with a link that should update the existing calendar event, or create one if the original event was not imported. These links will expire once the appointment time has passed. Only available if also using eConfirmations.
      • [ApptDate]: The date of the appointment.
      • [ApptTime]: The start time of the appointment.
      • [AptTimeAskedArrive]: The time the patient is asked to arrive.
      • [ClinicName]: The name of the clinic (Clinic).
      • [ClinicPhone]: The phone number of the clinic.
      • [NameF]: Patient's preferred name. If no preferred name, uses first name.
      • [PracticeName]: The practice name (Practice Setup).
      • [PracticePhone]: The practice phone number.
      • [ProvAbbr]: The abbreviation for the provider the appointment is scheduled with.
      • [ProvName]: The provider the appointment is scheduled with.
  7. Click OK to save the rule.

Add Language Translation

Create and send messages in the patient's preferred language.

In the Edit Automated Thank-You Rule window, click Add Language. Select the language from the dropdown. Language options can be created and edited in Miscellaneous Setup.

When a language is added, you will see the new language tab at the top.

Select the language tab and manually type in the translated message. When a patient has this language selected as their preferred language in the Edit Patient Information window, the translated message will be used.

The language will send based off the following criteria:

To remove a language, click Remove Language.

Aggregated Messages

When one or more appointments on the same day share a common patient email address and/or wireless phone number, the associated Thank-Yous will be grouped together into one long text message or email.

To customize aggregated messages, on the Edit Automated Thank-You Rule window, click Advanced.

Change the Email and SMS templates as needed. If using languages, be sure to select the correct language in the tab at the top.