Automated Thank-Yous

In eServices Setup, click Automated Messaging.

Automated Thank-Yous is an eService that sends an automated thank you message (email or text message) when a patient schedules an appointment. The message can include the [AddToCalendar] tag (displays as a link) that will allow the patient to save the appointment to the calendar on their device. Thank-you messages are sent shortly after an appointment is scheduled or rescheduled for a patient.

Emailed Automated Thank-You messages can be sent at no additional cost. To send Automated Thank-You messages by text message, Integrated Text Messaging is required and a per text message fee applies.

Activate / Deactivate Auto Thank-Yous

Automated Thank-You messages can be activated or deactivated as needed.

After activating Auto Thank-Yous, set up Auto Thank-You rules.

Auto Thank-You Rules

To edit an existing Auto Thank-You Rule, double-click an Automated Thank-You Rule from the Automated Messaging Rules grid. To add a new rule, click Add Auto Thank-You.

For information on adding and editing rules, see Edit Rule.


The default message for automated thank-you messages looks like this:

The [AddToCalendar] tag displays as a link so the patient can add the appointment to the calendar on their device. This tag can only be used when the office is also signed up for eConfirmations. If the office is not signed up for eConfirmations, this tag must be removed from the message before Thank-You messages will send.