Automated Thank-Yous

Automated Thank-You messages are an eService that sends an automated message response (email or text message) when a patient schedules an appointment.

In eServices Setup, click Automated Messaging.

Emailed Automated Thank-You messages can be sent at no additional cost. To send Automated Thank-You messages by text message, Integrated Text Messaging is required and a per text message fee applies.

Automated Thank-You Messages

An automated Thank-You message is sent shortly after a patient schedules or reschedules their appointment. When using eConfirmations, it can include the [AddToCalendar] tag so patients can add the appointment to the calendar on their device.

New Patient Thank-You Messages

An automated New Patient Thank-You message is sent shortly after a new patient schedules their first appointment. A patient is considered new if their appointment has New Patient checked. If the patient reschedules and has already been sent a New Patient Thank-You, they are not sent another message. When using eConfirmations and Web Forms, this message can include the [NewPatWebFormURL] tag for patients to fill out forms online. Set up the New Patient URL in Automated Messaging Preferences. This message goes out along with the Automated Thank-You Message, so the patient is sent two separate messages.

Activate / Deactivate Auto Thank-Yous

Automated Thank-You messages can be activated or deactivated as needed.

Automated Thank-You Messages

New Patient Thank-You Messages

Auto Thank-You Rules

After activating Auto Thank-You or New Patient Thank-You messages, set up rules in the Edit Rule window.