Edit Reminder Rule

In the Automated Messaging window, double-click an automated messaging rule.

Rules determine the timing and messages that go out on automated messages. The title of this window varies depending on which Automated Messaging feature is being edited. Double-click an existing rule to edit, or click one of the following buttons to add a new rule for the corresponding feature.

Enable the Rule

Enabled: Determines if the selected rule is currently active. Rules can be enabled and disabled as needed, without having to recreate them.

Reminder Rule Type: Displays the type of Rule you are currently editing.

Send Time

Set time preferences for sending the message.

  • The automated eServices schedule also affects send time. See eServices Misc.
  • eConfirmations will not be sent for appointments created same day

Send Order

Select how the message will be sent to patients.


The default tab displays messages in the default language. When other languages are added, additional tabs display.

Template Replacement Tags: Insert replacement tags to automatically insert certain information. Options vary depending on the Rule Type. Available options list at the bottom of the Edit Rule window.

Note: The [EmailDisclaimer] tag is a default tag on emails that cannot be removed. This statement includes Practice or Clinic address and instructions about how to unsubscribe from eService emails. The statement is only included in emails sent for Web Sched ASAP, Web Sched Verify, Web Sched Recall, eConfirmations, eReminders, Patient Portal Invites, the Confirmation List, and the Recall List.


Advanced Settings

When one or more appointments on the same day share a common patient email address and/or wireless phone number, the associated messages will be grouped together into one long text message or email.

In the Edit Rule window, click Advanced.

Note: If using language translations, language tabs will display at the top. Ensure the correct language is selected before editing.

Template Replacement Tags: A list of valid template replacement tags that can be used to insert data from the database into the message.

Tabs: Tabs vary depending on the Rule Type selected.

Add Language

Create and send messages in the patient's preferred language.

In the Edit Rule window, click Add Language. Select the language from the dropdown. Language options can be created and edited in Miscellaneous Setup.

When a language is added, you will see the new language tab.

Select the language tab and manually type in the translated message. When a patient has this language selected as their preferred language in the Edit Patient Information window, the translated message will be used.

The language will send based off the following criteria:

To remove a language, click Remove Language.


What if I update the Send Time on an existing rule?

Existing appointments that have already been sent a message may receive another message once the eServices window is saved.