Operatory setup includes naming operatories, assigning default providers and clinics, and marking operatories as hygiene or Web Sched operatories.

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Appointments, Operatories.

When an appointment is scheduled in an operatory, the operatory's default provider (or hygienist) and clinic is assigned.

Operatories sort order affects the left to right order of operatories in Appointment Views.

Add or Edit an Operatory

  1. On the Operatories window, double click an operatory to edit, or click Add to add a new operatory.
  2. Op Name: Enter the label for the operatory in the Appointments Module schedule. We recommend keeping it short. Two line titles will wrap, but longer titles will be cut off.
  3. Abbrev (max 5 characters): Enter the abbreviation to identify this operatory in various lists throughout the program.
  4. Clinic: Select the clinic associated with this operatory. Defaults to the clinic selected on the Operatories window. When setting up appointment views, operatory clinic assignment affects which operatories can be assigned to the appointment view. For example only clinic A operatories can be assigned to clinic A appointment views.
  5. Provider: Select the default provider assigned to appointments scheduled in the operatory. The provider determines the operatory's color in the appointment schedule (based on the provider's appointment color).

    Clinics: If providers are restricted to clinics in Security, only providers available for the selected clinic are options. User Security

    If operatories are assigned to provider time blocks in the schedule, it overrides the operatory provider. Schedule Setup

  6. Hygienist / Is Hygiene: Select the default hygienist assigned to appointments scheduled in the operatory. If the hygienist is the main provider for this operatory, also check Is Hygiene to assign the hygienist as the default provider when appointments are scheduled in this operatory.
  7. Note: To assign the dentist to all appointment procedures placed in a Provider Only operatory (including hygiene procedures), set the dentist as both the Provider and Hygienist for the operatory. Otherwise, hygiene procedures (e.g. PA's) may be assigned to the hygienist even though scheduled in a provider operatory.
  8. Optional settings:
    • Set Prospective: Mark this as an operatory for prospective patients only. Any patient scheduled in this operatory will be given a patient status of prospective (Edit Patient Information). If the appointment is moved to a non-prospective operatory, the patient status will automatically change to patient. This is useful in large clinics that frequently set tentative appointments for patients that may not show up.
  9. Web Sched Settings: These settings only affect Web Sched Feature eServices.
    • Is Recall: Consider this operatory when determining available time slots for Web Sched Recall appointments. Web Sched Recall
    • New Pat Appt Types: Indicates Web Sched New Patient Appointment Types associated with this operatory. Only these appointment types can be scheduled in this operatory, using Web Sched New Patient.

      Click [...] to select appointment types.

      Highlight the appointment type(s) then click OK. Also see Definitions: Web Sched New Patient Appt Types, Web Sched New Patient.

  10. Click OK to save operatory settings.

Combine Operatories

Some databases may have duplicate operatories. These operatories can be merged. Merging affects all appointments in selected operatories.

  1. In the Operatories window, select multiple operatories with Ctrl + click, click and drag, or Shift + click.
  2. Click Combine. A confirmation message will appear. Click OK to continue.
  3. Highlight the operatory to keep, then click OK.

    If appointments are scheduled in both operatories but do not overlap, a message will ask to move the appointments into the merged operatory. Click OK to automatically move the appointments.

    If appointments are scheduled in both operatories that do overlap, they will need to be manually moved before the operatories can combine. A warning message will appear. Click OK to view a list of conflicting appointments. This list can be printed. When all conflicts are resolved, reopen the Operatories window to combine.

Duplicate operatories will be marked hidden and appointments merged.

Remove an Operatory

To remove an operatory as a selection option for appointment views and various lists, hide it. Hiding an operatory is not allowed if future appointments are scheduled in it. Operatories cannot be deleted.

  1. On the Operatories window, double click the operatory.
  2. Check the Is Hidden box.
  3. Click Save.

Prompts to Change Provider

When you move an appointment from the Pinboard to the appointment schedule, or from one operatory to another, you may be prompted to change the provider. If operatories are assigned to default providers, or to provider time blocks in the schedule, this is often what you want to do.

To turn the prompt off:

  1. Do not assign providers to operatories (Provider or Hygienist).
  2. Also make sure provider time blocks are not assigned operatories in the daily schedule.