Schedule Setup

Schedule setup allows users to view and enter all provider and employee schedules.

To view the schedule, in the Main Menu, click Setup, Schedules.

Alternatively, in the Manage Module, select a specific employee(s). Click View Schedule.

See our videos: Operatory and Schedule Setup & Operatory and Schedule Setup for Clinics


Offices can define any kind of rotating or alternating schedule they want. From the Schedule window, enter individual work hours, holidays, lunch hours, and staff meetings.

To edit schedules, the Schedules - Practice and Provider security permission is required. The schedule may be blank until a provider or employee is selected and refresh is clicked.

Once schedules are entered, open/closed hours will be indicated in the Appointments Module with the background colors set in Definitions: Appointment Colors.

Schedule Grid

Each day is represented by one cell. Today's date and schedule shows in red text.

Double-click a day to open the Schedule Edit. Add employees or provider time to the schedule, or change the schedule for one day.


The filter options on the left control what shows in each cell.

Copy / Paste Schedule

Use the Copy / Paste areas to quickly create or edit the schedule.

Copy: Copy a day or week's schedule to the clipboard. This is a useful tool (with Paste/Repeat below) to quickly fill the schedule.

Paste: Paste the copied day or week's schedule to a new day or week. Or repeatedly copy it for a specific number of days or weeks into the future.

  • When using Clinics, the schedule for all Clinics is copied regardless of the Clinic selected in Filters.
  • When pasting over an existing schedule, a warning will popup indicating the number of providers whose schedule will be replaced.
  • Days marked as a holiday will not be replaced when pasting a schedule. To enter a schedule onto these days, do so manually.
  • See the Examples section of Schedule Edit for further instruction on setting up various schedules.

Print Schedule

Print: Print the schedule for the selected date range.