Payment Plan Procedures and Credits

In a Payment Plan, click View Tx Credits.

Associate procedures and other credits to the Payment Plan. The total amount of credits attached determines the amount subtracted from the patient balance. We recommend attaching procedures so payment split allocations to payment plans are accurate.

Print: Print a list of the procedures and credits that currently show in the Available Procedures/Payment Plan Credits grid.

Hide Unattached Procedures: Only show procedures that are already credited to this plan.

Show procedures that have not been explicitly paid off: Show all procedures that do not have enough attached credits (e.g. pay splits, adjustments) to cover the full cost of the procedure (e.g. procedures that have attached pay splits that only cover part of the cost).

Available Procedures: View all treatment planned and completed procedures that have a remaining patient portion due (yellow).

Payment Plan Credits: View all credits (blue) attached to this plan.

Credit Information: Add, update, or remove credits in the Payment Plan Credit column. Credits can be attached to available procedures or unallocated.

To add a credit for a procedure, highlight the procedure first. The credit fields will populate with the procedure information. Modify if needed, then click Add.

To add an unallocated credit, make sure no procedures are highlighted (click Clear). Enter the credit information and click Add.

To update an existing credit, first select it. Add will change to Update. Modify information as needed, then click Update.

Note: Updating a payment plan adjustment will not automatically update the amortization schedule or the patient account. Manually update the adjustment in these places.

To remove a credit, highlight it then click Delete.

Technical Details

Open Dental does not currently support automatic reversals for attaching payment plan credits to payment plans, but reversals can be made manually.

Backdating payment plan credits or changing payment plan credits in the past will change historical aging.