PaySimple Setup

See Credit Cards, PaySimple.

Set up PaySimple to process credit/debit card transactions or ACH payments, direct debit payments to a patient's checking or savings account. To set up different credentials for Clinics using different merchant accounts, see PaySimple Setup for Clinics.

  1. Open the PaySimple Setup window. There are two options:
  2. Check the Enabled box.
  3. Set the default Payment Type for PaySimple transactions. Customize options in Definitions: Payment Types.
  4. Enter the Username and Key supplied by PaySimple.
  5. Prevent saving new cards: Determines whether new payment information can be stored.
    • Uncheck: Allow users to process or save new payment information to the patient's account.
    • Check: Prevent users from processing or saving new payment information.
  6. Click OK.