The clinics feature is useful when there are multiple locations and one database.

In the Main Menu, click Clinics.

The clinics feature keeps information separated by clinic / location.

Use this menu to select the clinic. Only clinics the logged-on user has access to are listed as options. To set the default main menu clinic when logging on, see Miscellaneous Setup, Track Last Clinic by.

Note: When there are more than 30 clinics, there is no option in the main menu to show hidden clinics.

The clinic selection determines the following:

Clinic Setup

When setting up clinics, do the following:


Clinic selection: Below are some helpful guidelines about the clinic options available for selection in various areas of Open Dental.

Operatories: If an operatory has a clinic set, all appointments scheduled in that operatory are automatically assigned that clinic. If an operatory has no clinic, the appointments will be assigned the patient's clinic. Operatories

Claims: To ensure claims are always credited to the correct clinic, follow these guidelines.


Also see: Multiple Locations

General Information:

Patients with No Assigned Clinic:
To find patients with no assigned clinic, run the Database Maintenance tool and check results for PatientsNoClinicSet. If patient's are found, then manually assign a default clinics. If needed, contact Open Dental Conversions for a service to associate clinics

Turning off Clinics:
Turning off Clinics (disabling the Clinics feature from Show Features), essentially ignores the clinics preferences that have been assigned throughout Open Dental and hides clinic information. Clinic information and preferences are not deleted. If the Clinics feature is turned back on, the previous clinic preferences and information will be visible or enabled once more.

This may affect third-party integrations. Before turning off clinics, practices may need to enable users access to all clinics.