In the Main Menu, click Clinics.

The clinics feature is useful when you have multiple locations and want to use one database. The clinics feature keeps information separated by clinic / location.

Use this menu to select the clinic. Only clinics the logged-on user has access to are listed as options. To set the default main menu clinic when logging on, see Miscellaneous Setup, Track Last Clinic by.

Note: When there are more than 30 clinics, there is no option in the main menu to show hidden clinics.

The clinic selection determines the following:

Clinic Setup

When setting up clinics, do the following:


Clinic selection: Below are some helpful guidelines about the clinic options available for selection in various areas of Open Dental.

Operatories: If an operatory has a clinic set, all appointments scheduled in that operatory are automatically assigned that clinic. If an operatory has no clinic, the appointments will be assigned the patient's clinic. Operatories

Claims: To ensure claims are always credited to the correct clinic, follow these guidelines.


Also see: Multiple Locations

Find patients with no clinic: Run the Database Maintenance tool and check results for PatientsNoClinicSet. If patient's are found, then manually assign a default clinics. If needed, contact Open Dental Conversions for a service to associate clinics